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Sale! Jack Herer

Jack Herer

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Sativa L Cannabis Flowers
Strain: Fedora 17 (EU-approved seed)

Hybrid Production

Crazy Diamond hybrid is the little sister of the Indoor Crazy Diamond. It's a powerful and intoxicating variety..... the crossing between  a kush and a haze...a real challenge

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Product Description

Sativa L Cannabis Flowers

Strain: Fedora 17 (seed authorised by the European Union)

Hybrid production

Crazy Diamond Hybrid is the younger sister of the indoor Crazy.Crazy Diamond is a powerful and exciting variety.... crossing between  a Kush and a Haze... a real challenge.

It comes from far away and is our latest jewel, the Crazy Diamond shines and releases in us so much sensation.

A true star, an invaluable jewel

THC: rate according to England's legislation.

CBD: 5-10 per cent

Mixture of plant extracts authorised by the European Union and England's legislation.

100% natural
Fast and discreet delivery!
AVAILABLE IN 1/2/3/4/5/10/20/50/100/250 GRAMS

Additional Information

Tx CBD - de 20
Taux CBD 9,80%
Souche Kompolti
Mode de culture Hybride - GreenHouse
Type Fleur

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