Green Carpathes invents Kaviar, a range of chicha flavours sold exclusively at Weed Side Story!


This selection of cannabidiol (CBD) based shisha flavours guarantees a fragrant trip to hookah country. There is something for everyone, for a unique relaxing experience thanks to its CBD content!

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What is a CBD shisha?

For those who are not yet familiar with it, shisha is a very special way of smoking tobacco that has existed for centuries in the Middle East and North Africa. But the practice has become widely established in the West and is becoming more and more popular here.

Also known as hookah, the traditional shisha is a water pipe with a simple principle: on the upper part, a paste made of tobacco and sweet molasses is placed, and on top of this, a foil with small holes is added, on which three pieces of burning coal are placed. Using a pipe, the hookah smoker draws air through the charcoal and the bowl, where he burns the mixture, creating smoke. The smoke is then filtered through water to cool it down.

CBD Chicha uses the same system but the molasses used is different, it does not contain tobacco! A CBD Chicha flavour is a herbal product infused with full spectrum hemp oil. This means that this shisha is 100% natural, tobacco and nicotine free, allowing hookah enthusiasts to enjoy all the great benefits of CBD without the harmful side effects associated with smoking.

With our selection of tasty flavours, Kaviar Chicha CBD will satisfy all CBD and hookah fans!

What is the composition of our CBD Chicha flavours?

Unlike traditional hookah products, CBD Chicha is not a tobacco and therefore does not contain nicotine. Our Kaviar CBD Chicha uses a variety of 100% natural products. A base of sugar cane, hemp, tea or fruit leaves is mixed with honey, cannabidiol, molasses and natural flavours. Glycerine is added to the mix to help mimic a hookah smoking experience. This makes for nice big clouds of smoke worthy of a real shisha!

The benefits of CBD chicha

CBD chicha blends offer you a similar experience to classic hookah. You'll enjoy the same robust flavours and clouds of smoke you get from a traditional shisha.

However, you won't experience any nicotine-induced nausea. Compared to traditional shisha tobacco, our herbal CBD shisha blends do not cause dizziness or irritate the throat. With our Kaviar CBD shisha products, the hookah experience becomes smooth and enjoyable. You will feel a delicate relaxing sensation that will invade your body thanks to its cannabidiol content. A product designed to give you a deep sense of relaxation and calm. Try CBD infused shisha, it's another alternative to enjoy the effects of cannabidiol!

Our tips for using CBD in chicha

Using our CBD shisha is no different to using any other shisha product. Our flavours are designed to work with any hookah or similar device used to smoke traditional shisha tobacco. Simply fill the top bowl of the hookah as you normally would with your shisha blend. Cover the mixture with pierced foil where you will place the burning coals and you are ready to enjoy all the benefits of hemp-derived CBD!

Currently we offer different flavours for your CBD shisha. But you don't know which flavour to choose? Then try our Chicha packs which are specially designed for new users consisting of all our best selling flavours!

Why choose our Kaviar Chicha CBD flavours?

As with all Weed Side Story products, our Kaviar Chicha CBD hookah flavours are made from natural products. The fruit blends are infused with the purest hemp oil that has been tested by third party labs for quality. This independent testing ensures that all of our CBD shisha products meet the highest industry standards and do not contain any undesirable ingredients such as pesticides, harmful preservatives or other unnatural substances. The result is a product that is 100% natural and contains no trace of THC.